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Walking Summer


The Gran Paradiso National Park offers a large variety of easy walks and pleasant excursions along well marked paths. They follow the rivers along valley floor, through wild flower meadows and peaceful woods and permit you to rest in an unaffected environment.

Treks Summer


The three valleys that branch out from Cogne offer different trekking tours. Follow ancient mule tracks up to pastures and mountain lakes. The most famous trails go to the refuge Vittorio Sella, the Herbetet or the Money huts, the Loye lake, the Grauson pastures and the Lussert and Corona lakes. Equally beautiful but less known are the Nomenon pastures at the foot of the Grivola mountain, the Trajo valley, or the Valeille valley up to the Arolla alpine houses.

Paradisia Garden Summer

Paradisia Garden

The Paradisia Botanical Garden is home to about 1,000 species of plants and flowers of our mountains. Different routes and thematic paths allow the visitor to explore the garden with the help of a guidebook or a Walkman. Open from mid-June to mid-September.

Dentelières of Cogne Summer

Dentelières of Cogne

The tradition of bobbin lace has ancient origins and has been handed down from generation to generation. Even today the little girls of Cogne learn to make lace at school in the first grade. Their origin dates back to 1665, when some Benedictine monks of the abbey of Cluny taught local women this type of processing.

Lillaz Waterfalls Summer

Lillaz Waterfalls

From the quaint village of Lillaz an easy path permit you to reach the famous waterfalls in 10 minutes, walking through a forest of larch and spruce. These waterfalls, among the finest in the Valle d’Aosta, make three jumps for a total of 150 meters high. The trails that run along the Urtier river permit you to admire them in their fullness and offer also a splendid view over the Valeille valley.

Climbing Summer


Five equipped climbing walls of different levels and difficulties are available for all free-climbers. The walls are located on a picturesque setting near the villages of Lillaz and Epinel.

Minigolf and tennis Summer

Minigolf and tennis

During the summer the bar “La Sapinière”, two steps from Cogne and located in a pine forest along the river, offers a minigolf course, a children’s playground and two tennis clay courts.

Aël Bridge Summer

Aël Bridge

The aqueduct bridge, built in year 3 BC by two Roman settlers, is located on the ravine (a depth of 150m) of the Grand Eyvia river, in the lower valley of Cogne. It is a grandiose Roman work in masonry and stone blocks, about 56 meters high and more than 50 long.

Rafting and hydro-speed Summer

Rafting and hydro-speed

Just 22 km from Cogne you can go rafting, hydro-speed, kayaking and canyoning accompanied by trained instructors. The rivers and streams of the Valle d’Aosta will offer you an exciting day in a wilderness.

Roman Aosta Summer

Roman Aosta

Founded by the Romans in 25 BC with the name of Augusta Praetoria, Aosta preserves important monuments such as the Arch of Augustus, the Porta Pretoria, the theatre, the cryptosporidium and the antic walls. Also interesting is the visit to the church of Sant Orso with its frescoes and its magnificent cloister, famous for its medieval capitals. Aosta is 28 km from Cogne.

Castles of the Valley Summer

Castles of the Valley

The Aosta Valley is justly famous for its medieval castles – primarily the Fénis and Verrès castles, the manor of Issogne and the Sarre castle (residence of the King of Savoy when staying in the Valley) – beautifully preserved and considered among the most representative buildings of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.

Parc Animalier of Introd Summer

Parc Animalier of Introd

Situated just 27 km from Cogne, this small park is home to several species of the Gran Paradiso National Park. You can approche animals very close, chamois, marmots, ibexes, you will only have to open your eyes wide to observe them!

Thermal baths & SPA Summer

Thermal baths & SPA

The “Terme di Pré St. Didier”, a natural hot spring to engage all senses following a well-being route with over thirty water and steam games such as hot tubs, relaxing pools with underwater music, invigorating waterfalls, panoramic saunas, aromatic Turkish bath and outdoor pools for admire the view of the mountains. The baths are 46 km from Cogne.

Skyway Mont Blanc Summer

Skyway Mont Blanc

At 54 km from Cogne, the new Skyway cable cars, extreme engineering challenge at 3500 mt, will take you between the eternal ice of Mont Blanc. You will be immersed in a breathtaking landscape thanks to the 360° rotating cabin and futuristic 3 stations.

Fort of Bard Summer

Fort of Bard

Located at the entrance of the Aosta Valley, at 75 km from Cogne, the Fort is one of the best examples of barrage-fortress of the Middle Ages. It hosts the Alps Museum, an interactive tour to discover the mountains, as well as interesting temporary exhibitions and events.

Mountain biking Summer

Mountain biking

In summer, the country ski slopes turn into endless trails for mountain-biking. You also can take advantage of the rental directly at the Hotel.

Fishing Summer


The Reserve of the Urtier torrent, the “no-kill” Reserve of the Grand Eyvia stream or the quiet fishing lake of Lillaz offer excellent trout fishing and a wild landscape.

Riding Summer


The riding-school of Valnontey offers a horse-drawn carriage or a horseback ride along the river to surprise chamois and squirrels. For the little ones a nice tour with the ponies.

Mountain climbing Summer

Mountain climbing

The Gran Paradiso massif, culminating at more than 4000 meters, and the majestic Grivola allow you to follow the footsteps of the pioneers of alpinism.

Parco Gran Paradiso
Alpine Pearls

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